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How does the billing process work?

Our billing process is a bill-in-advance method.  On, or around, the 25th of the month we will bill for the following month's tuition.  Tuition payment is due by the 8th of the month.  A late fee will be assessed if payment is not received by the 8th.  If you are dropping a class, the class must be dropped by you in iClassPro prior to the 25th of the month, or you will be charged for the following month.

At this time, the preferred payment methods are cash or check.  We are currently not able to auto-draft payments from your account.  However, you can setup automatic payments through most bank's bill payment feature.

As an example, September 2014 tuition is billed on August 25th, and payment is due by September 8th.  A late fee will be assessed on September 9th if payment has not been received.


How many students are in each class?

Class sizes vary based on several factors: skill level, class level, type of class,etc.  We have established the following maximum class sizes.   Occasionally, there may be more than the max due to athletes needing to make up a missed class.

Tiny:  max of 5

Beginner I/II:  max of 6

Intermediate I/II:  max of 6

Advanced:  max of 8

Jumps/Stunting/Flexibility:  max of 8 to 10


How do I enroll my child in a class?

All of our enrollments are done online using iClassPro.  Once you've created a profile for your family, you can add your athlete(s), and enroll them in a class.  Once they are enrolled in a class, you use iClassPro to manage their enrollment(s).

Required Paperwork, Schedule, & Handbooks

Class Schedule

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